Our group of companies were established in 1949, starting with the sales of Commercial Vehicles and started automotive spare parts business in 1958, starting with the distribution of ATE Brake Parts, and continued with the distribution of MAHLE Pistons and TRW Valves. Since many years, we've been distributing major Brake Parts brands such as ATE, FTE-FAG, BREMBO, SEBRO, TEXTAR, TRW and etc. In 2010, we have established ADLIG OTOMOTIV Ltd. and started to import and export all kinds of Automotive Spare Parts such as Brake Parts, Clutch Parts, Hydraulic Brake and Cluth Parts, Spark Plugs, Tensioners, Belts, Turbo Chargers, Suspension Parts, Steering Parts, Lights, Water Pumps, Radiators, Filters, ABS Repair Kits, Electronic Parts, Sensors, and etc.

We are mainly focused on Passenger Vehicles and Light Commercial Vehicles but we can also offer Hydraulic and Air Brake Parts and Clutch Parts (Flywheels) for Trucks, Heavy Vehicles, Tractors and Construction Machines.

Below you can find the list of OE (Genuine) Parts we can offer in our supply range:
  • FIAT OE (Genuine) Parts
  • LANCIA OE (Genuine) Parts
  • OPEL OE (Genuine) Parts
  • RENAULT OE (Genuine) Parts
  • DACIA OE (Genuine) Parts
  • FORD OE (Genuine) Parts
  • PEUGEOT OE (Genuine) Parts
  • CITROEN OE (Genuine) Parts
  • BMW OE (Genuine) Parts
  • Volkswagen OE (Genuine) Parts
  • AUDI OE (Genuine) Parts
  • MERCEDES OE (Genuine) Parts